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What should I do?

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So, a potential adviser emailed me last week, congratulating me and wanting to set up a time to talk, and I replied the next day because it was the middle of the night where I live when I got the email. Or at least I thought I replied. The stupid Windows 8 email app didn't actually send my emails from that day and I have no idea why. I only noticed this on Monday when I resent the email asking to talk with them by phone or skype and apologized for the email being so late, explaining the situation. But now the professor hasn't replied to that email yet... And I don't know what to do. :| 

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There's nothing you can do but wait. Listen, though: while it's potentially the case that this person might be offended, I find that unlikely, and there's no chance that they're going to rescind your acceptance or anything. Seriously. Just wait and see. You sent an honest explanation, and honestly, the prof is probably so busy s/he probably hasn't noticed. 

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