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  1. It sounds like you could be happy and successful in each program - I don't think there is a "wrong" answer here. What's the old adage, "flip a coin because in that moment you'll know which one you want"?
  2. Oh! That's tricky. It's likely if your friend declined a school they moved down to the next one on the list - I suspect that the schools would be open to putting your friend back on a waitlist but an offer made is an offer made (right?) so they'd have to wait until another person declined. Also - I *do* think you can back out of a commitment - I imagine it would be stressful and perhaps a bit unusual but when all is said and done it's probably better to back-out now rather than be unproductive/unhappy/etc best of luck to your friend, BHR
  3. Congrats to all! I'm already attending but I enjoyed watch from the sidelines this year and giving whatever insights I could through DMs and the like. edit: I've obviously changed my nametag because I'm no longer as big of a fan of television shows as I used to be!
  4. In no particular order Miami of Ohio University of Louisille Eastern Michigan University Ohio University Michigan State University And more but also The Master's Degree Consortium is a good place to check: http://www.mdcwss.com/directory/
  5. I've never had to mention any of my time at a community college - (which is great because my gpa was probably below 2.5). BUT my BA has the transfer credits (without the grades) on it so maybe that accounts for it?
  6. I think I'll be there! I'd really like to see: The writing center + other various writing spaces The graduate student lounge (the official space + any sort of unofficial "we always seem to end up here" spaces) The graduate teaching people offices Some of the MITH stuff (and perhaps places where MITH stuff happens) and whatever sort of access grad-students and undergrads have to technology resources.
  7. Uh, count me as the "pumping the brakes a bit on the money guy". Obviously it's important and for what it's worth, I'm sure when we say "money" or "funding" we mean: the means to live/survive with minimum struggle in that specific location. 23k in LA isn't necessarily better than 17k in Small-town, USA. money is great - but unless you're able to do something useful with the extra cash (pay off loans, save for a house, conference travel) anything beyond living expenses is sorta a "push" for me. But - getting a fellowship and the extra money probably makes you feel like an
  8. Google scholar might help you track who is citing who and all that jazz. Conferences - obviously, as other people have said. Listening - to other students/researchers/etc. Do eyes light up when the talk about (that particular person at that program) Asking -
  9. But you're not an unworthy runner-up. You're totally worthy (whatever that means) and this much is reflected in the invitation. If you go there or if you go somewhere else, you're all in the same wheelhouse doing similar work. So yeah, take that opportunity to get to know them and let them get to know you.
  10. Hiya! Congrats to all you Composition and Rhetoric and Languaging and Writing kinda person here. I've been quiet lately. But I've got a few acceptances now. I can claim: a Louisville acceptance / a Nebraska acceptance / a Madison waitlist / a UMD waitlist.
  11. I've been a little silent around these parts for the last year or so but I was in a similar boat as you, Katiearchy. My UG program had 4 faculty members. It wasn't a liberal arts school but rather a small university that was billed as a way of serving traditionally underrepresented populations. My program had recently switched their identity a bit (away from English as the mothership) so we (students and faculty) were regularly figuring out exactly who we were. I'd like to say that I got a lot of individual attention (plus all the perks that go with that), to some degree I did; however, the
  12. I vote the both option. Read the academic stuff but toss in short things. I recommend: A.M. Homes "Things You Should Know". https://msgallin9300.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/things-you-should-know1.pdf
  13. I agree with BhR, Empress-Rodent, and Eco-Suessian. I read Comp/Rhet stuff that quotes sociologist, lit theorists, media study, and Csikzentmihalyi - and the Adcoms that I've encountered are more than willing to honestly entertain multiple tracks into the programs
  14. Yeah. I can only (naively) speak about the Comp/Rhet side of things but I agree, I've seen a lot of tech/prof writing positions.
  15. I've thought about both of them! I know a few peeps at OSU and I know I'll be working with some of the faculty (briefly) in August. As for UC Boulder - I haven't checked them out. I'll be in Boulder for a conference in October - maybe if I do my homework I can establish a few connections out that way.
  16. Exciting! I'm making my PhD list and checking it twice. For Comp/Rhet - Michigan State, Austin, Louisville, Nebraska, Milwaukee, - there are a few others that I'm sort of up in the air about.
  17. You have to throw all the mud on the pottery wheel before you begin to shape it.
  18. Familiarity with the field. Browse the latest issues of the big periodicals. Get a lay of the land. What's the language? (oh) i'm going somewhere here: some sorta ethnographic study of your discipline + sub/sub/sub. There is a place for being realistic about the job-market but the reality is despair and despair can be debilitative. So entertain a utopian view, at least for awhile. I'm not saying "be happily ignorant"; rather, have a happy-hopeful place to retreat.
  19. VM might start by reading some of the field's response to Bousquet: Harris, O'Neill, and Waktins all have pieces in JAC 22.4. Regarding management science VM might check out Strickland's "The managerial Unconscious in the history of composition studies"(2011) in order to engage with the existing critique. As for who teaches FYW and academic freedom, VM might see Miller and Cripps (2005) who lend an interesting perspective in their defense of "The Rutgers solution" in their essay "Minimum qualifications". Edit: I'd also recommend "Tenured Bosses Disposable Teachers" - there is a specifi
  20. It could be that they never sent out an email. I know C&W sometimes doesn't email about acceptances but if you log into your account and check your status it'll give you an update.
  21. Hi guys! I think the MA plan is a good plan. Its amazing how much you can accomplish with the affordances that a good program provides. I won't get into a "competitive" "funding" "job market" "tier (1/2/3)" discussion because you can click almost anywhere on this site and get that stuff. But I will say that I feel that I've benefited a lot from my program. I've learned "the language". I've mastered a few search terms. And I'm doing work that I enjoy. Best of luck to all of y'all. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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