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This goes out to the group of lost, sad Purdue applicants who don't know what's going on in West Lafeyette. I wanted to move this out of the Acceptance thread because people's Purdue questions keep getting lost in the influx of new acceptance posts.


Has anyone contacted the school? Do we know if they're even admitting people this year?

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I'd be surprised if they're not admitting. Seems a bit late in the game for such an announcement to no have been made. If anyone has any info as to why it's taking so long... that would be very much appreciated.

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I am totally crashing this thread to say that (if you haven't visited it) Purdue's philosophy department is really gorgeous! It's on the 7th floor and they have an amazig circular meeting/classroom from which you can see all of campus. It almost made me want to switch my degree program. ;)

Good luck, all!

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