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chance me..please


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current junior (2013-2014 year) class of 2015
university: UC Davis
male asian (100% chinese)
major: electrical engineering
GPA: 3.91/4
major GPA: 3.9/4

GRE: 170Q 155V 4AW

honor: dean honor list, Tau Beta Pi, hopefully scholarship this year...

experience: 1 years experience in professor's lab and finish two small projects, no publication
internships in several company in China
volunteer in some official social events

extracurricular: semi-professional basketball player in China and several championships before (in high school)..

That are basically what I am. And I will starting applying graduate school in this fall. Any suggestion?

BTW, UC Berkeley is my dream school, and I wonder the possibility for me to go to UCB....

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Stats are important, but some other factors that are just as important are:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Program fit (how well your past research, and future intended research, fits into the universities program)
  • PhD vs MS

To be honest there is no guaranteed way to say if you will get in or not. I would start and look at the past 2 years information on the search results tool on the forum. You should get a good idea of what the school is looking for when it comes to average stats admitted. Although it is a good estimation, you will see some individuals with amazing stats, publications in top journals, and outstanding past research...still can get rejected for whatever reason. Make sure you have a handful of schools when applying. Best of luck to you!

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We can't "chance" you for grad programs.  I know people do it for undergrad but even that is unreliable.  For grad school it's completely meaningless.  Your GPA and GRE scores are good, but what's really important are your research interests and fit with the departments to which you apply, how well you articulate that in your statement of purpose, and the quality of that research experience.  What's also important is the other applicants with which you are competing.

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