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funding an early move?


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I know summer funding is HARD to find... but I really, really, REALLY want to make it happen if possible.



  1. could take summer classes at university instead of community college (this is kind of a big one since I've been VERY disappointed by the quality of instruction making up my pre-reqs so far)
  2. get apartment established in new city well before the grad study horror starts
  3. start networking with potential internships / clinical supervision while I still have sanity because grad horrors have not started
  4. easier move, more apartments open and can get free furniture from students leaving
  5. avoid another SoCal summer... it's the first week we've hit 80 and anything above 75 makes me curse the world
  6. extra loans needed would be a drop in the bucket compared to my expected debt upon graduation


  1. $$$$$ / How the hell do I fund this / probably more debt later on
  2. leaving employment early (although honestly this is also a pro)

But I have no idea how to go about making it happen... private loans?  Credit card?

Luckily I have good credit for now, but private loans are kind of terrifying.



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I have absolutely no good news.  I think the only options are private loans and credit cards.  I'm also moving early (May or beginning of June at the latest).  I've been saving up for a year and the cost of moving is seriously bumming me out. 

My only suggestion is that you take out loans through the university in August to pay off whatever private loans or credit cards that you may use for the move.  Chances are that the rates of the loans from school are MUCH smaller than private loans or credit cards. 

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Have folks ever done things like paid rent with these cards?  That's the only part about a credit card that seems weird to me... otherwise it seems like a reasonable solution.

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That depends on where you live. I currently live in an apartment complex that accepts credit cards for rent payment. My best friend's apartment company does but they charge a 3% convenience fee for the transaction. When I rented from private owners, they only accepted checks for rent. So, it really depends on where you live.

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