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Good universities for Photovoltaic research???


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Hello everyone!


I am an Indian student willing to do PhD in photovoltaics area.

I am sure people on this forum could throw some light on this question: Good universities for Photovoltaics research?


Since this is a multidisciplinary field and not many universities are even working on this, it is a little difficult to get this information. I have applied to the following universities:


1. UCSB - Materials Science & Engineering (Rejected)

2. UCSD - Materials Science & Engineering (Rejected)

3. Colorado School of Mines - Applied Physics (Accepted)

4. University of Delaware - Physics (Accepted)

5. University of Minnesota - Materials Science & Engineering (Rejected)

6. University of Colorado Boulder - Materials Science & Engineering (Result Awaited)

7. Colorado State University - Physics (Result Awaited)

8. University of California, Davis - Materials Science & Engineering (Result Awaited)

9. Florida State University - Physics (Result Awaited)


Can someone throw some information on which universities are best at PV research among those mentioned above?


Thank You! :)

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Please be more patient. You are asking for information about a specific research interest and it's only a day and a half since you posted.


I'm interested in PV as well. I was very sad about my UC Davis rejection this morning, it would have been a great program for PV research. I don't know anything about the other schools you have applied to (except for UCSB and UCSD, but you have been rejected).

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Well I have been really patient about it...but I am really getting anxious about not hearing from other universities. I am anxiously waiting for UC Davis and Univ of Colorado Boulder result but haven't heard from them yet :-(

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