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Possible to Augment Applications after Submitted?


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Basically the question is just the same as the topic. :) Is it possible to augment an application after you've already submitted it? I'm still waiting to hear back from almost every M.Sc. school I applied to (which wasn't many to begin with), having been admitted to one. That being said, I was wondering if it was frowned upon to update the schools I'm waiting on about items that would definitely make me a more competitive candidate? Or is it on a case to case basis? Has anyone done it before, and if so, what were the results of doing so? 

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Hello Dinostrea,


Well, from what I have read, it depends on how much of a difference it would be. If it is something small, like iono, you made a typo, I would forget about it.


If there are big changes, I would definitely email someone in admission's office for help. I did it for UCL, and although I did not receive a reply back, they did add it on!


The worse thing they can say is no. 


I hope it helps :)

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