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MSW -- Umich vs. Fordham vs. BC vs. Loyola ??


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I need help deciding on a school!!!  I haven't gotten any financial aid packages yet which is really making my decision more difficult and I'm still waiting to hear from more schools, but these are my TOP....I know that these are all great MSW schools but I can't seem to lean more towards one than the other. I wasn't even expecting to get into most of them,  I'm from Boston and I've lived here/went to school here all my life so I really want to go out of state (new experience, etc)...BUT BC has an amazing MSW program. I would only stay if BC gave me a lot of money. SO now my options out of state are all great but I don't know where I should go. Loyola (Chicago) has housing which is GREAT but I don't know much about the program in term of placement opportunities and where the neighborhoods are. I don't have a car so I'm looking at cities that are good with public transportation. UMICH (Michigan) doesn't really have that so I will be stuck in Ann Arbor, but it's an amazing program with LOTS of resources..again NO housing. Fordham  (NYC) is also a great school (very similar to BC and Loyola) but there's no housing and I don't want to commute for more than an hour to get to class and be broke in NYC. Realistically I'll be broke no matter where I go (the reality of a grad student). This decision is hard for me without knowing how much I have to pay or knowing the exact total cost of the school. Has anyone else received any financial aid packages from any of these schools or know roughly how much it would cost? Any opinions?? I also have to contact fordham and possibly BC for an extension because I need more time. 

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I don't have insight on the specific schools, but with regard to your " I really want to go out of state" comment, you might consider that your field work (which is considerable in most programs) will create the foundation for many of your connections within the profession (not to mention your relationships with other cohort members in the area). I've read in many places that the MSW degree, more than most, should ideally be pursued in the location that you imagine yourself working. Obviously many people do otherwise, but it would require building a network from scratch when (if) you returned to Boston. Just a thought.

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