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Smith College?


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Hi all!


I got accepted early decision to Smith and am eagerly awaiting starting in June. Anyone else who was accepted / will be attending? Or even anyone who does/did attend?

It's hard to get a read on the vibe of the school and what it will ACTUALLY be like considering how non-traditional the program structure is. My understanding of Smith and Smith students is mostly hearsay from current MSW students in other programs who know Smith alumni or work with them. It would be great to hear what OTHERS know/think of their program or those who are attending and what your expectations are! Really, I'm just stuper excited and eager to start so I keep spinning the wheels in my head trying to prepare myself for what it will be like (and again, considering how unique Smith's MSW program is, it's hard to get a good sense).

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I applied to Smith in February and I'm still awaiting a decision.  But I think a discussion about Smith needs to be happening on this forum, especially since there aren't the videos, blogs, and other sources of information that are available for other schools.  EYD187, do you mind sending me a pm as well?  

So what made you want to apply?  What are you most excited about?

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Electrum - agreed!


I applied because of the structure of the program (a lot of field experience), the reputation and, in particular, the psychodynamic orientation. I also went UMass Amherst for undergrad and lived there for six years so three summers in the Pioneer Valley feels like a return home that makes sense.


What makes you interested?


(Also, good luck with your decision!)

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I'd also like to learn more about what Smith's MSW program is like from some current or recent students. It is currently my first choice program (I plan to apply for 2015) for several reasons:


- Extensive field placement hours

- Diverse field placement location options (I am a Washington state native and the idea of summers in Northampton and the rest of the year in Seattle is very appealing!)

- Thesis requirement, which would give me an opportunity to have a specialty by the time I graduate


However, because it's such an unusual program in terms of structure, an insider perspective would be great!

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I went to Smith for undergrad, and while I was there I worked part-time in the SSW admissions office, so I know a little bit about it, although not from the perspective of an SSW student.


During the year, field placement is like a full-time job, and you end up doing a lot more hours than you would in other programs.  When you fill out the form detailing what geographical area you want for field placements, you can include any special reason why you would want to be in that area, i.e. you have family there.  Generally, I think people get one of their top two or three choices.


Since all of the coursework is during the summer, it is more fast-paced than what might be expected in another program, and holding an outside job during the summer is discouraged, as it is during the rest of the year due to the number of hours in the field.


I am now also applying for MSW programs, but I won't be applying to Smith.  Smith is a really great, high-ranking program, but the structure is very different from other programs and that can either be a really great or really bad thing, depending on what you are looking for.  A lot of people really love it.  I personally enjoy doing both classes and field work at the same time, so that I have more than one major thing going on in my life at once, and I am not into the general structure of Smith, and of having to find housing in the summer, and again in the fall, and again the following summer, etc. 


Since I was at Smith during undergrad, if anyone has any questions about things like the campus, housing, the town, etc. I would be happy to answer them.  I loved my time at Smith, although undergrad is quite different from the MSW program.

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Hey, I'm forum hopping here because I'm not a candidate for ssw or anything, but was recently accepted into Smith's mfa playwriting program. I'd love to be in touch with anyone entering Smith as a grad student- even though our studies may be different. Please message me if you would like!

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On 11/18/2014 at 1:53 PM, praxis88 said:



I'm a current Smith MSW student and I remember how frustrating it was trying get the scoop on what schools are actually like. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

I know this years later, but I’m applying to the msw program now and I’m curious about what makes for a competitive msw candidate. If this message reaches you I would really love some details! Thank you! 

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