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I'm considering a MA program. There is a requirement for 1 language. There is also a requirement for 24 credit hours of class + 6 thesis hours. Can any of those 24 hours be language study or is the language study in addition to the course requirements?

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OK, thanks. I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that most programs would be the same, the language study could be counted as required credit hours, or not. I am guessing they cannot be unless they are masters level language and I need to learn a language that I have never studied before.

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Obviously no one here can answer this question. 


However, I would imagine the language requirement would be related to your research. For example, if you are studying (and especially writing your thesis) on X country's history, then you would need to show that you are competent in that country's language. Depending on the country, it's pretty hard to be able write a thesis (especially in history) if you cannot read or understand original sources.

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