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  1. It's just a classic craigslist scam. They send an email telling you that they are doing missionary work in Africa (to make them sound trustworthy) and they tell you there isn't anyone to show you the place and they can't send you the exact address because there are still people living there (um, yes, in fact they probably own the place!) or in an even creepier version they say you can go 'peek through the windows'. Then they try to make people send them a deposit first month, etc. and they will mail you the keys (because for some reason they took the keys to Africa and didn't leave them with a
  2. All good advice you're receiving here, but to add some general advice about scams on craigslist (because I have heard of people actually falling for them): 1) Don't rent from anyone who emails you back with a response that says they are in Africa (or somewhere else out of the country) doing missionary work. This is a scam. 2) It's best to only contact people on craigslist who post a phone number (though not having a phone number doesn't necessarily mean it isn't real.) 3) If the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. Especially if the post is for a house. Try googling the address (
  3. I don't have any specific test strategy advice, but I can answer your questions about the "copy" and "cut/paste" options on the AWA section. There is no "copy" option in the GREs essay writing software. But if you need to copy something what you can do is cut it, paste it right back where it was, and then paste it again somewhere else. Kind of silly, but that's what you have to do. The quant section is not my strong suit, but I think the key to it is just knowing the rules. You rarely actually have to do any calculations to answer the questions. Also knowing the rules about 0 and 1 are SO
  4. Is there a department secretary/administrator? That would be the person who would normally deal with financial issues.
  5. You are only likely to annoy them, and they are almost certainly not going to change their minds. Why risk it? If you really like the program, suck it up, do your best to improve your application where you can, and apply again next year.
  6. If they think you were misleading them about having an honours degree, yes absolutely. And you would be if you went without earning the honours degree and not telling them before you matriculate. I'm still not clear on why you haven't responded to people recommending that you ask the professor if you can do an extra assignment for those 6% points? Is the course over already? And if it is, why weren't these marks already on your transcript when you applied? I will also agree that your petition letter doesn't make that great an argument. It shows a lot more initiative to ask for extra work to e
  7. If they said you'd hear by May 30th, then you'll hear by May 30th. Not all schools abide the April 15th agreement. Also February 1st is a pretty late deadline as far as grad apps go, so I'm not surprised that they get decisions out later than a lot of other places.
  8. I agree with Iphi. Go to the professor of the class you are not doing so hot in, explain you are planning to go to graduate school next year, and have a conditional offer and ask if there is extra credit work you can do so you can graduate with honours.
  9. Marcus Tullius, I've been creepy-stalker-like following your decision making process (I'll be at Columbia CLST, so I was trying to figure out who'd be joining me). Congrats on your decision, though sorry we won't be classmates! I just wanted to say, definitely don't listen to any naysayers! Jack Davis is THE BEST. I am not a bronze age person, but he makes me wish I was. He's also hilarious and super nice. I'm sure you know that already though!
  10. Yeah, PsycD is right. This is normal for schools and, unfortunately, is completely separate from whether or not you are admitted. Don't read too much into it. But good luck!
  11. I think a lot of schools require it to consider you for funding/financial aid (whether or not you need to/intend to take out loans). It's pretty standard. It is also pretty quick and easy to fill out.
  12. ack sorry, just realized that link was kind of a dud (I think it was linked to my school and not the general education stores). Sounds like you found it ok though!
  13. You should just be able to search for and enter your school from the apple education online store: http://store.apple.com/us-hed which will give you the educational discount. The free software you will have to contact your school about though.
  14. I want to second this advice! I emailed one professor who never responded, and I got into the program and will be going there next year. I have also heard from students that he is an excellent, hands on advisor. So I definitely agree that people shouldn't be turned off if professors don't answer their emails, it doesn't mean they aren't interested and it doesn't mean they will be an MIA advisor. Apply anyway, and figure out whether they seem like a good fit as an advisor later!
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