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RUTGERS med school- good or not?

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Hi guys,
I just got admission into Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Science (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School) for the Master of Science in Biomedical Science program for Fall 2014.
I was actually interested in pursuing the PhD in Biomedical Science program at Rutgers. However, I felt my profile not good enough for the PhD program. The MS program had a thesis option and relevant coursework to my liking.
1. Is RWJMS a good medical school?
2. In the eventuality that I want to pursue my PhD elsewhere, will it be easy to secure admission at another University after getting the MSBS degree?
Thanks in advance.
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Okay this is a really naive post but here goes. My daughter just had a tonsillectomy at the childrens hospital of Robert Wood Johnson and they were phenomenal. The facilities were amazing, and the medical staff were like angels. All the way down to the people who valet park your car. So, if you have an opportunity to work in this hospital you would be in an amazing environment with really bright well-trained people in a very well-run facility. The adult hospital where my husband stayed recently was average but he received appropriate and fast care. I'm not sure how this reflects on the program you are interested in but I hope it helps.

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Engineer grad: with regard for the o/p I respectfully challenge you to add something, anything at all, to the discussion. Surely you have something to offer.

I'm sorry, but I'll pass on your "challenge". I don't know anything whatsoever regarding medical schools or Rutgers, so since I don't want to confuse the OP even more, I refrain from giving opinions that I do not have

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