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Graduate School Parents


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Anyone else out there suffering through the pure hell of being a graduate student and a parent? I would love to commiserate with you!

I graduate with my MA in two weeks and just got accepted to a Psy.D. program. So happy to have gotten accepted but daunted by another three more years of school and parenting :( I have two children ages 20mths and 4 years - what a nightmare! People keep asking me how I manage school and kids and I don't want to actually admit that I drink too much coffee, drink too much Red Bull, and have zero patience left by the end of the day! Anyone else struggling with this??

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I just had my second daughter in October. I spent last year doing a year full of pre-requisites while parenting a 3 year old and enduring a high risk pregnancy (followed by finishing a term paper while in labour and writing papers and finals while recovering from an emergency c-section. Yay!) If I get accepted, my program starts in July. Fortunately, it's part-time and blended online and on-campus, which I'm telling myself won't be as trying. We shall see!

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