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  1. Hi! I'm currently taking my MEd in CounselingPsych through UBC. I applied in October (2013) and didn't hear back until mid-April the following year. I think I near went insane with the wait haha!
  2. We have many things in common, shrinkgirl! I am in my early thirties, married, have two children under 5, and am taking my Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. Mine is also a blended-delivery degree, wherein I do my theory classes online and my clinical work on campus or in the off-campus mental health clinic. I'm a few months out from finishing up my first year. Age hasn't been an issue for me in the slightest; my cohort range in age from about 26 to about 50 and are an amazing group of people. My issue is more one of balance and time management. My husband works full-time plus overtime
  3. I think if you're looking in the latter half of July you could find a place renting for September, definitely. I think commuting from the Sunshine Coast would be time consuming and annoying, personally. You'd have to ferry back and forth and it would take a while (I think; I've never been myself but have friends who have).
  4. Hi guys! I'm doing my MEd in Counselling Psychology at UBC. I start in 4.5 weeks though! I'm from the area. I went to UBC for my undergrad. My first year I commuted from White Rock, second year I rented a flat in Marpole, third year and fourth year I rented around the Granville and W. Broadway area (left after the rent for my crappy 1 bedroom shot up to $1150 a month!) Flats are super expensive in and around Vancouver! I now own a townhouse in Surrey (Cloverdale) and will be commuting in. Fortunately my theory courses are all online so I won't have to commute too much.
  5. I had checked my email 50 times that morning already and nothing. I settled in to nurse my 6 month old daughter and my phone dinged. The email was from UBC FOGS and the preview said, "Welcome to UBC!" I was so excited, but my daughter had finally gone to sleep so I scream-whispered with joy. Then I texted my sister in law, drove to my best friend's house to share the news with her, then over to my mom's, and then had to wait 6 agonize hours before my husband was off work so I could tell him person. It was an amazing day.
  6. Thank you! I've been waiting nearly 6 months for this decision so I'm so relieved and excited!
  7. I just got accepted to UBC Counselling Psychology! It was the only program I applied to and I am so very excited!!
  8. Just got accepted to UBC Counselling Psych! I am so excited!!!!!
  9. I'm still waiting on UBC Counselling Psychology. The FGS is taking its time with the adcom's decisions, and nothing has gone out yet for my program. Perhaps the Anthro program is in the same boat?
  10. I have a four year old daughter...I knew it was "Pocahontas" after the first 5 words I'm sorry to hear about your rejection.
  11. I called about three weeks ago, and had my husband call four weeks before that (not using my name). She said that "it's complicated" and they're trying to sort a few "special cases" out with the FGS. I'm starting to worry they're abandoning the program or something. Thanks for your advice and kind words
  12. There are none, this year or any other, for the program at the school I am waiting on, unfortunately (and believe me, I check often LOL).
  13. I submitted my application for a program on October 16 for a December 1 deadline, and have also heard nothing! I contacted the admissions coordinator and they haven't sent out any decisions yet, positive or negative. They are waiting for something to be approved by the FGS. So silence doesn't necessarily mean rejection. Regardless, after waiting nearly 6 months, I think I am losing my mind.
  14. I feel your pain. I submitted my app to UBC Counseling Psych on October 16! Apparently they are waiting to hear back from the FGS. This is getting ridiculous!
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