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  1. Hello! I am starting this because I am hoping that having a place to discuss the admissions process (and the agonizing wait for acceptance/rejection). I am a student from the U.S., applying to UBC's M.Ed program in Educational Studies SCPE program. I was wondering if anyone has been offered acceptance by the Faculty of Education, now or previously, and could offer any advice or comments on the process. Or, if anyone else who applied wanted to chat/comment about their experience I would love to share this journey and welcome the company so that it may hopefully distract me from my own cont
  2. Hi! I also applied to UBC, for the M. Ed program in Educational Studies SCPE program. I am from the U.S., and currently finishing up my third undergrad degree here. (A.A. Teacher Education Preparation, A.S. Math & Science, B.A. Linguistics [minor in Education]). The waiting game is insane!!! I only applied to UBC because it was the school that I really wanted to attend for graduate studies and because I honestly could not afford the application fees to apply to any safety schools. So, needless to say, I am really terrified of not being accepted. I graduated my previous degrees with
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