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GRE Reading Comp and MCAT Verbal


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I have a few friends willing to give me their MCAT verbal study materials. I need to do really well on the verbal section of the GRE and my weakness is usually Reading Comp on practice tests. Does anyone know if MCAT verbal is similar to GRE reading comp?

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I don't know how similar they would be in terms of content, but you would be very well prepared for any science themed questions that they throw at you. My fiance took the MCAT, and I took the GRE. I don't really know how similar they are in terms of the "comprehension" that they ask of you, if that makes any sense. But the more you read something that asks you questions about the materials afterwards, you'll be getting practice for the test. I read the newspaper a lot during studying, especially the New York Times. I'd also recommend seeing if you can get a copy of the Manhattan Prep 5lb book. That thing was great.

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The MCAT passages will be helpful for practice passages while developing your skills. However, it is still important to get your hands on whatever official GRE practice tests that you can and to rely on GRE materials when you take timed practice tests closer to the actual test date. The skills assessed on the MCAT and GRE reading comprehension sections may be the same (e.g., inference questions, main idea questions, relationship between ideas questions, etc.), but the language/style/phrasing of questions differs. You need to be familiar and comfortable with the way GRE questions/answer choices are phrased and to recognize the common patterns that characterize incorrect answer choices on the GRE.

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