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African American Studies/Lit. Students Looking to Be Prolific Scholars

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Hey all:


I will be attending Cornell University in the fall for their English (African American Lit.) Ph.D. program as well as their graduate minor in Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. (I also plan to take numerous cross-listed courses in Africana Studies.) I wish to be a prolific writer, publisher, scholar, and seek other scholars in my fields who wish the same thing. I am in search of a community, a cohort of devoted intellectuals who are passionate about articulating and discussing ideas, are strong writers, and have unique insights into African American history and culture and its intersections.


Although it may be a lofty goal, I wish to publish an edited work, a collection of essays on a topic pertaining to African American Studies. Thus, I seek passionate scholars with which to commune and work to potentially be included in this aspiration.


If you are interested in establishing a community, engaging in intense dialogue about theoretical, literary, and historical topics surronding African American history and culture, please PM me or shoot me an email at bey2492@gmail.com.


Thank you and I hope you all got into insitutions that you are happy with!





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Just got an acceptance from Georgia State. 

Ugh I meant to post this elsewhere.


Also, OP, I will DM you about this. I was actually thinking about it.

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