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Medical SLP: What clients and settings do you work in? Is additional coursework required?

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I am somewhat unsure of exactly what Medical SLP entails. I have heard people refer to MGH and NY Medical College as specific to Medical SLP but I am wondering what exactly that means.


Are there any courses that are taken in these programs in addition to what other programs offer (more science or anatomy for example)


What types of clients and settings does one work in if they are a medical slp?


Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

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Hi speechstudent, different programs are structured differently but I believe that as of right now, the majority of programs will give you background in both medical and educational SLP. Medical SLPs work in acute care, rehab centers, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, etc. Depending on your exact setting, your responsibilities will vary - for example, acute care will be more evaluation based while rehab, outpatient, and SNF will be more a combination of eval and treatment. Your client population in many of these places will mostly be those with stroke and TBI (aphasia, cog comm, dysarthria, etc).

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