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Should I contact programs?


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I applied to eight different PhD and Masters programs, of which I have heard back from four. I was accepted into only one. I am currently waiting on the remaining four, and am required to make my decision for the school I was accepted into by April 15th.  Obviously were I accepted into any more programs I would need a little bit of time to decide where to go, for financial reasons and various other reasons. Do you think it would be rude at this point to contact these programs and ask if I could possibly know in the next week or two if I am accepted? Or should I just wait it out?

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Do not rush their decision if they have yet to decide; it will only make their life easier by scrapping you from the list.  If adcoms are uncertain about who to admit, a sign of poor people skills simplifies their choices. This is the brutal nature of apps.  The best you can do is contact the grad admissions coordinator and simply ask something like, "Have notifications already gone out? - for some reason I did not receive an email.  If you have been rejected, they should let you know.  If they have yet to decide, they will let you know.  

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