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Funding my Masters


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So I've decided to attend Tufts University Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences in their Pharmacology and Drug Development program. I will be a Masters student and I will have to fund my tuition and all.


I've filled out my FAFSA and turned it into the fiancial aid department recently so I do not know what kind of loans I will get.


I'm fairly new to this so if anyone could help me out. First I understand that with a masters degree, usually you are funding your own tuition. However I see on the Results Search tab that some students are getting tuition waiver in their program as a MASTERS student (these are in different programs at different schools ex. History).


Also since I am starting in the Fall (2014), is it too late to apply to scholorships? I see that a few of them were closed already.


I don't think i'm searching the correct way to find scholorships. If anyone could show me how to search for these it would be a great help!.




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I'd be interested in hearing some advice also, when I applied my advisers told me that I would 100% be funded for my PhD...but I came from a small school and I think my advisers were out of the loop. I have been accepted to a PhD program with funding still to be determined. The department said only about 10% of incoming PhD's are funded. I was also accepted to a MS program unfunded (I applied PhD but got offered MS). Should I be begging people in the department to hire me or should I spend more time applying for places like Best Buy and live off that and loans?

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I am a masters applicant planning to get some type of funding for school.  Many people apply specifically for a teaching or research assistantships.  Many schools offer an out of state tuition waiver or full waiver when they offer funding and some offer health insurance.  I have an offer from a school of an out of state tuition waiver with a teaching assistantship of $16.39 an hour for 20 hours a week.  I wish it was more, but I happy to have at least one offer with funding on the table.  After paying tuition and health insurance, I would be making about $200 a month.  I'm still waiting to hear from two schools.  I see people of this site get a wide variety of funding from 11,000 to 25,000.  I don't know if all of those are PhDs.  Personally, I won't go to a school without some offer of funding; I just can't offer too.  Some schools say right on their websites that they don't offer funding for masters students.  If they don't specifically state it, I email the department to find out.  I applied last year and didn't ask about funding and ended up reapplying to schools this year that offer funding.  I think it really depends of the school and the department, but if you are already set on a school, I would check on any funding the school may offer in that department, including TAs or tutoring or work-study.  If looking for scholarships, I would look for professional organizations in your field that may offer scholarships to students.  You may have to call the organization directly.  Otherwise, I would check with your school's department or current students to see if they know of any graduate scholarships in that field.

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