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How To Word My "I Accept Your Offer" Email...


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Dear Dr. Person,

After careful thought I have decided to accept your offer to attend University of State's Department's graduate program. I look forward to this fall.



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I had the chance to meet the professor/DGS who sent me my acceptance at a recent conference.  She was the one I ended up sending my acceptance email to.  We had a wonderful chat about the program, my interests, and since she got to see my personality, I knew she would understand that my sincerity and elation were GENUINE, as I couldn't stop saying "Thank you!!" when I met her!


SO, in addition to Vene's suggestion, if you know the person you are emailing, you can make it more personal and, perhaps, list why you chose the program and the reasons as to why you're so excited to attend the program (program's reputation, funding, location, etc.) =) I hope that bit of information helps!

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