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NYU MPA ($$) or GW MPH - Need Help!!!!


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Hello, I am having a difficult time deciding between the two. both are for health policy but with variations in courses and both would get me to where I would to go. The email from GW did not state anything about funding so I am assuming I did not receive any, I know they have asistantships to help, but how easy is it to get one of these? NYU gave me money and definitely has a great name. It's difficult to turn down this money and go to GW at sticker. Can anyone provide any insight???

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Sorry I can't be of much help; I actually have a question. How did you get finding from NYU? From what I've gathered it's an expensive school that doesn't generally give out much money!

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I got funding too. And I chose them over GW and other schools. If you are studying health policy, I think it's a great choice. Why pay sticker? Also, you can try to apply to the GA positions as well at NYU. The only issue I have with NYU is the cost of living, but i'll live like a pauper for the next two years.

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