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Would it be beneficial to take summer courses at Columbia?

Just Jeff

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I applied to Columbia's PhD program, but I got rejected. I would still like to take some summer courses there. Would this be beneficial to me in the long-run?


Is it a good idea to take summer courses at my potential PhD programs? Would it be a good way to meet the professors and somewhat "network", as my advisor says?

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Sure, if you can afford it then do it.


If you already have a great gpa though ( I think i remember reading that you did) then you probably dont really need more courses, there are probably other parts of your application that need work instead. I would say that it is more beneficial to focus on those other parts of your application. If definitely wont hurt to take the classes though.

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I dunno.  You applied to 13 schools and have been rejected by 12 of them.  I would contact those schools that declined to extend an offer and figure out where in your application you "went wrong".  If the culprit turns out to be a lack of proper courses in preparation for grad school, or, low grades in crucial courses, then yes, taking a few grad courses can be of benefit.  One to consider is that I am sure grad schools have figured out the "back door approach" and if I am not mistaken some programs encourage students not to take this route.  Also, I am fairly certain you can take a grad-level course at any school; it doesn't have to be at the same school you wish to apply.  

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