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Taking online courses (specifically at JHU and Harvard Extension)


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I've posted my stats a few times on here, and now I'm in the waiting game for decisions to be made by schools...I wanted to know if taking online classes through Johns Hopkins or Harvard Extension is frowned upon, especially if you have bad stats like mine. I'll post them again:




-Cumulative uGPA of 2.76

-GRE: Verbal: 148, Quantitative: 160, Writing: 4.0


Work Experience:

-Lab assistant for a PI who is the dean of M.D./PhD admissions at UC Irvine (2 years)

-Research Assistant for a PI who is well known in the neuroscience world (1.5 years)

-EMT for an ambulance company (5 months) 

-Lab technician for a diagnostic lab (not on my application, as I just started working here)


Internship Experience:

-Undergraduate research intern in Neuroscience (1 year)

-Clinical Intern in Nepal (1 month) 



-From dean of admissions at UCI 

-From research supervisor from internship

-From EMT course teacher


-I have 3 abstracts that were presented at Society for Neuroscience and 1 journal article in review at the Journal of Neuroscience 

-I received the "Excellence in Research" award in my last year at college


Anyways, any ideas on online courses and how they affect your application for further studies after a Masters' degree? Thanks! 

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A Gpa of 2.76 is never looked highly upon for graduate admissions. However, you are applying for biotechnology which is not the most difficult concentration for Admissions. With that said, with a GPA of 2.76, additional courses taken anywhere will absolutely help you out if you are not successful this admissions cycle. -Admissions Advice Online 

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