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I just got waitlisted for UNCO's online program. Because of where I live and my inability to move, this is really the only program that would work for me. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into my chances of being accepted off the wait list. My stats are:

out of field BA in psych

Currently working on prereqs at WKU online 4.0 so far

4.0 in science in math classes

3.67 cumulative CSDCAS GPA

168 verbal

158 quantitative

4.5 AW

two very strong lor's one may be weak but not bad

my personal statement was probably not great as I'm not the best writer but I know it was free of grammar and spelling errors. 


So my questions are, what do you guys think of my stats? Do i stand a chance? Does anyone know a little more about how wait lists work? Do they absolutely accept people off the wait list or just maybe?

Also what can I do to strengthen my chances for next year? is there a certificate program that is recommended? 

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