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What's Up With Hult?


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So have you heard about Hult Business School? Apparently it's "the world's most international business school" according to their website (http://www.hult.edu). Anyway when I took the GRE I signed up for their Search Service which lets schools find you based on your scores. That did not turn out to be a smart thing to do as my inbox now keeps buzzing with mails from places I have not even heard of. But one of those schools really stood out today as I got contacted on my home phone by one of their reps asking me if I would be interested in their MBA program. I politely refused saying that I am looking for an MS in Aerospace. Honestly I don't know why they even bothered calling when I clearly selected Aero as my intended program at the time I took the test. Have any of you been contacted by Hult in this manner as well? Prior to getting the phone call today I have received, on average, one email every two weeks from them for the past four months.

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Yep, I've had the same thing. I attended a graduate student fair that they were at, but I didn't speak to anyone from the school, or give them any information, but yet they started emailing me very frequently, and phoned me at least once. I think they've adopted a carpet bombing strategy for student recruitment, contacting anyone they can who seems interested in any sort of graduate program. I can't imagine it is particularly effective.

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From what I have found out they are focusing heavily on the Middle Eastern and South Asian regions. Hult reportedly paid gmatclub to publish favorable reviews on their website. India is home to a lot of good-for-nothing consultancy firms which "guide" grad-school aspirants and are on the payroll of lesser known schools and universities in the US and Europe. Graduating students are very unhappy with their experiences: 




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