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Coping with being forced to decline your first choice.


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Reality set in today and I realized I cannot afford to go to my number one choice. $100k in loans is not an option either because my field in not particularly lucrative. Choice #2 is a whopping $60k cheaper. It's still an excellent program but not quite the perfect fit as school #1. I'm really bummed out now. 


Anyone else being forced to turn your first choice? How are you dealing with it?

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I guess I'm kinda dealing with a similar situation. I'm wait listed at my first choice but I'm second on the wait list which the professor said every single year there are more than two students drop out before August. Even if I don't get in this year I'm guaranteed a spot for next year. Since I'm given a 40% tuition scholarship for my second school so I'm going there instead. I'm still wondering what will be different if I go to my first choice :/

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