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When to apply for loans/aid?


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I have not received my official package from the DGS or anyone else, and at this point can only estimate what tuition costs will be (I will be attending unaided). Nothing available from the department. I got my FAFSA in before the overall school's deadline, though.

Now what? Should I go ahead and start tackling the Stafford/Perkins/other loan process now? Because, otherwise, could money run out ... if I wait for this slow-in-coming official docs to get to me? I'm sort of in limbo right now and not sure what the next step is.

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I was wondering the same thing, so I went to my school's website and filled out all the things that were available, and have started the approval process with one of the loan companies. I have no idea when we're expected to have this stuff done, but I figure the sooner the better, especially if you're not being offered any fellowships or whatnot (like in my case). But I too would like to hear anyone else's opinions or background on this stuff.

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In the meantime, I finally figured out that my school is one that goes the 'direct' route - i.e. any loan applications, etc. have to be through them. I turned around the financial aid dept.'s requests for documents (mainly my tax info) the same day and am now (a week later) still waiting to see that these have been received and logged (nothing yet). After that, I assume, I can apply for Perkins/Stafford loans and the like. I'm just really antsy re my financial situation for the fall and wish I could expedite the process before the funds run out. (Because they do, don't they? Pardon my ignorance.)

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