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  1. Hello,

    I happened to google "associates degree from Parsons" and came across your post on this forum for graphic design. Did you ever pursue the program at Parsons or learn more about it? I am a "career switcher" as well except that I am actually in graduate school at the moment and would like to change direction completely. Nice to know of someone in the same boat!

  2. I decided to get roommates(ended up with 3) in grad school and liked them at first, but it went downhill fast. I'm sure I had a somewhat unusual experience(moved abruptly 2 months into the first lease, and kicked another roommate out a few months later, etc), but last month I finally got my own apartment and still think I am recovering from the last 14 months or so. I will never have roommates again while I am in graduate school(and hopefully not after I'm done either). For me, the problem seemed to be that everyone wanted to live with roommates to save on costs, but when it came to actuall
  3. The reason why it's 3.0 is because that is usually the "strict cut-off" for most schools. At least if you have above a 3.0 you can feel somewhat secure that you won't be cut out if there happens to be some automated initial elimination cycle... When I applied I had a pretty good application other than my GPA, so thankfully they actually looked at it and I was accepted. I did wake up in a cold sweat some nights while I was waiting for the letters, wondering if I had completely screwed up my future by being a bad, bad undergrad...
  4. I'm not sure how common it is, but I was wondering the same thing. What about your program do you not like?
  5. I was looking at this too, not the mastercard, but at UPromise. Apparently you can register your grocery cards on there and get cash back for various purchases made online, at restaurants, etc. It sounds pretty good. Anyone tried it?
  6. Fromageball


    The way I look at it, there was something on all of our applications that made the admissions committee believe we will succeed as grad students, so why question the experts?
  7. that makes sense, I just thought in that case they notified you earlier that you were wait listed.
  8. I just received an email a couple of days ago from a masters program at Penn State...The deadline was Feb 27 for the application(I submitted mine earlier) so I am not sure what took so long. The email said that the program had accepted me and is now taking my application to the graduate school for approval, who would then send me a formal letter, so it is April 30 and I have not received a formal letter. If April 15 is the normal notification date for our decisions, why do some schools not tell us we are accepted until after that?
  9. haha thank you for this. I graduated with a cumulative 2.7, and was so afraid that my app would get thrown out before anyone even looked at it...not so! I got into the program I wanted, which mentioned everywhere that one must have a 3.0 to be admitted(so yes, I also wondered if my acceptance letter was a mistake!!) I used to cringe inside hearing people talk about not having a great GPA when they have like a 3.6.
  10. I think they will be sending out a package with the information...I am in the same boat! I've also applied for some assistant ships and am really hoping I get one of them...
  11. I'm in the same situation, I think because I applied a bit late. My letter said that I will have the opportunity to apply for aid in subsequent semesters(but I was under the assumption that they figure out funding by the year...). So I am assuming that I will be footing the bill for the first year, at least, of my two year program. I am also looking/applying for assistantships, definitely keep looking for those!
  12. What will be interesting for me is if I still want to pursue the Foreign Service when I've graduated(I've sort of started the process and am starting grad school this fall in a 2 year program)...If I meet "Mr Right" in grad school I am definitely going to either have to a. find a Mr Right who doesn't mind moving around the world every 3 years or so, or b. change my career goals(which wouldn't be too terrible really, it's definitely not the only thing I would be happy doing...just would be a really cool opportunity!).
  13. I actually hadn't even thought of this! I just got my new email yesterday so I might as well join, I think it will be interesting if I can find people in my class. I don't have my undergrad on there at the moment, I took everything off except for the university where I studied abroad because of too many random people friending me, but I guess I will make it private and put everything back. If your profile is private I can't see any disadvantage to joining the network.
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