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is that possible finishing MSCS in UCSD or UCLA for just one year?


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I have a difficult to choose my master between UCSD CS or UCLA CS.


I heard that If I choose non-thesis option in UCSD, I could finish ma master degree in one year. is that true? (it means i can save money)



"Also going to UCSD for an MS. If you're non-thesis, it only takes a year (talked to a professor on the phone, he told me this). You just take courses, and at the end of 1 year, you take a written comprehensive exam and then - BAM! - you have your Masters title. He said that a very large majority of students pass the written exam."



If the above is true, how about UCLA?

If I go to UCLA CS master, can I also finish master course (with non-thesis option) in one year??




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and I just wonder that if I finish master in one year, it means that I have no chance to do internship in summer vacation right?

If so, does it mean that I would have small chances to get a regular job?(because doing internship makes getting regular job easier)

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Is the cost the same if you finish early?

If you finish the course in say 3 quarters then is the tuition fees only 3 quarters or do you have to still pay for 6 quarters?

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I was the writer who made the comment about UCSD's MS program only lasting 1 year for non-thesis. I only realized this when I spoke to a professor - I suggest contacting UCLA to ask about their thesis vs non-thesis option. You can also look in UCLA's Graduate Student handbook which should be available on their website, the information might be available there too.

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