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Should I wait for my school of first choice?


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I have got an acceptance letter from University of San Francisco, stating that I need to reply as ASAP.

Also have got an email from CSULA for interview.

But, my first choice - USC has not responded yet.

I have applied for M.S Biotechnology.

GRE - 315 (V-153, Q-162), TOEFL - 640, GPA - 4/4

What should I do? Should I wait for the reply? Or accept the offer from USFCA?

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You can write to USC telling them you have to make a decision for another school and asking if they will give you an indication now on if you should wait. Otherwise, accept USF's offer then back out (if you HAVE to) after you hear from the others.

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Im in the same position with UCSB (no decision yet) and Austin (reply to decision now!). I decided to wait for the hope that UCSB would accept me. Its a risk, but I thought it was worth it. Best of luck. I hope you get into USC, it is a really great school.

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