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Denied from FLAS, need some advice

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Hello all,


     I just found out today that I was not awarded FLAS...


     Next year, I was (still am at least for the moment) planning to go to Georgetown SFS for a masters program, but it is going to be really expensive.


     My parents can help pay for parts of it, but the rest of it will have to be loans/work money. 


     The other option I have is going to a SUNY school and since I'm a NY resident will get in-state tuition. However, the difference in quality is ENORMOUS. The email communication I've had with the SUNY department had me less than impressed, and they are not exactly in D.C. and close to internship opportunities the way Georgetown is. 


     Another consideration I have is to apply to University of Geneva. Though the living expenses are high, the tuition is really cheap and plus I would get to be in Geneva and close to the IRC or the UN. 


Help!!! I'm terrified of debt! 

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