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UMich versus Indiana U--PHD Sociology?


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Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Full-funding at both schools, although UMich is slightly more. I also have external funding attached to both programs.


My biggest concern has been about rankings versus placement. Indiana is ranked lower, but has been placing students very well in solid academic positions.


My research interests are: China, gender, and mixed-methods.


Thank you!

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Does Michigan not place students in great academic positions?  Given that they are a top 10ish program, I would imagine that they do.


Which one is a better research fit for you?  What's most important is placement, not rankings.  Rankings are more or less arbitrary, anyway, and both Indiana and Michigan are in the top 20ish programs.  So if people from Indiana are getting great academic positions and you would prefer going to Indiana, then don't hesitate to choose them.  But if you would rather go to Michigan, I'd wager that they also have excellent placement rates as well (if they're not publicly available you can ask).


Sociology's not my field, btw - so this is more general advice.

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