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  1. Awarded. E/VG E/E E/E for Social Sciences (International-based projects) First year graduate student, no publications, but heavy emphasis on BI. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about applying for the social sciences. Reading past proposals really helped me.
  2. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Full-funding at both schools, although UMich is slightly more. I also have external funding attached to both programs. My biggest concern has been about rankings versus placement. Indiana is ranked lower, but has been placing students very well in solid academic positions. My research interests are: China, gender, and mixed-methods. Thank you!
  3. I have declined my Northwestern offer. I spoke with a few professors and the fit just wasn't there. I still love the program though (and their funding package:) Thank you for all of your help! Interestingly, I still haven't turned down Indiana yet. They've been placing very well lately and I'm wondering about that?
  4. It's difficult because I know that Northwestern is recruiting me to do Comparative Historical. One of my confusions over Michigan has been that students have such different funding packages. Does that create jealousy among students? Some have so many extra fellowships that they don't do any teaching. Does that impact how well they do on the job market if they spend all of their time researching?
  5. Thank you for posting this. My undergrad sociology advisor told me this almost word for word last year. How do you feel about speciality areas? I've been talking to a few China specialists who keep warning me about "pidgeon-holing" myself. Do you think that specializing in a specific geographic area helps or hurts you on the job market?
  6. Out of curiousity--why shouldn't I discount Indiana? I hear great things about the program, but I still don't know much about it. Indiana has told me that their job placement is better than Michigan, but I'm still a little confused about that.
  7. Okay, so I'm feeling really naive about making a decision. I'm currently living overseas and could not attend any visit days. I am very fortunate to have these offers, but have no idea which school I should pick. I have been researching in China on a Fulbright fellowship for the past 8 months doing qualitative research. However, I am not interested in continuing qualitative, international research. I am hoping for a program that will train me in quantitative methods and also be supportive of my interest in continuing to focus on China. Both schools are fantastic. I do not really unders
  8. I did my undergrad at a small liberal arts college (ranked 30-50) in the Midwest. It is not a prestigious school, and is in a rural location 1 hour from the nearest city. When our small sociology department had an opening for a tenture-track position, they received more than 200 applications. Anyway, the department was absolutely giddy--they had their pick of candidates from T-20 schools for the first time. They hired a Wisconsin graduate for the tenure-track position and even picked up a Berkeley graduate for a visiting position. My academic advisor had warned me that more people than
  9. I am currently on a Fulbright in China. There have been some people who have talked about early termination. The general consensus is that once you make it past the 6th month mark of your grant, your supervisor might be willing to negotiate a letting you leave earlier. However, there would be monetary consequences for us. They would deduct our stipends based on how many days earlier we wanted to leave. PM me if you want to chat
  10. Anyone seriously considering accepting the University of Michigan? I will be unable to attend visit days, and am very interested in your thoughts on this program. Thank you!
  11. So health insurance is fairly important. I have heard bad and good things about different schools' health insurance plans. I'm wondering: which schools do you think have the best health insurance plans? Which schools do you think have the worst?
  12. I really appreciate this comment. I have met some amazing graduate students who have offered wonderful advice over these forums. I'm a first generation college student and often feel naive about the admissions process. People have been truly helpful and kind. I spoke with a current Fulbrighter (PHD student at a top school) about sociology grad admissions and she constantly reminded me that admissions are sometimes illogical. Don't worry and move on. She's at a different program than she'd intended, and four years later is doing ground-breaking research in China.
  13. Accepted to Northwestern. I'm super excited In everywhere I applied so now have to start thinking about decisions and such. I cannot visit since I'm in China, but I'm hoping that professors will be willing to skype.
  14. In at Indiana! I only applied to four schools so I'm very happy to have choices. Their financial offer seems a bit low. Anyone else feeling that? And--there is a lot of information about additional school fees.
  15. Yeah, I'm also wondering about the Indiana admit. The DGS called me in China on Tuesday to interview and said that admission decisions would be sent out by the end of this week! Keep your fingers crossed!
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