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  1. Is it true that there are only going to be 1,000 awardees this year?
  2. Since a lot of us are starting to get a majority of our acceptances/rejections. Where are you planning to attend? Any struggles with making a decision?
  3. I had a great visit at Tennessee. Really enjoyed the campus and the Geography building/facilities were really impressive. I’m going to have a tough decision to make.
  4. Unfortunately I can't attend the open house due to my work schedule. Going to visit another time.
  5. I was accepted into UNC yesterday! Really didn't think that would happen. No word on funding from anywhere but Tennessee so far.
  6. Accepted to South Carolina today! Their open house is during a conference I am having to attend. They are offering funding to attend the open house. Do you think if I ask for a different visitation date they could fit me in sometime?
  7. The University of Tennessee is the only place I have heard back from. Going to visit in the next couple of weeks. UNC, South Carolina, Penn State seem to come out a bit later but I did see an acceptance from UNC on the result page.
  8. There’s a few people that do Climate and extreme weather work so I’m keeping my options open! I see an acception for UNC on the results page. I haven’t heard anything either way. Going to assume that means not good news though.
  9. I was accepted to Tennessee with a TAship but so far that is the only school I have heard back from. I've really enjoyed my conversations with the faculty there and think it would be a great place to attend.
  10. Major(s): MA GeographyGPA in Major: 4.0Overall GPA: 4.0Type of Student: US Male Research: Climate Variability and Influence of Global Patterns on Regional Scales Professional experience: GIS and Hyrdologic internship at Non-Profit Teaching and outreach regarding climate change GRE Scores: Average quant, Average Verbal, 93rd Percentile Writing Applied to: Tennessee Penn State UNC Chapel Hill Idaho South Carolina
  11. Happy to provide feedback for you on App State. I really enjoyed my experience there.
  12. Received my first admissions offer! Excited about the opportunity and my POI at the school sent a very enthusiastic email about the teaching assistantship funding I will be receiving.
  13. Just had a phone conversation with my POI at one of my top choices. She said my application was viewed favorably by 3 of the committee members and she is really going to fight for me. I thought it was a great sign but then she ended the convo by saying that those with higher GREs often get accepted first and I might not get a first round acceptance. So I really don't know how to take it.
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