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  1. Thanks for this great thread! I'm considering buying a new laptop for my phd, since my current one is kinda sluggish with a 4G RAM. The problem is when is the best time to purchase one, during the summer or waiting until Black Friday. Black Friday is a good option since there are tons of good deals. But getting a new laptop before everything starts can make things easier. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  2. Got my last decision earlier this night. It's not the best ending I've expected, but I'm accepting the fact. Good luck to those still waiting anxiously. And bless those struggling to make their decisions.
  3. Well, I will take it quite positive. At least, it makes me feel that you will be invited to an interview/open-house/visit soon. The current students are asked to reach you and answer your questions about the program, the department, the school and the city.
  4. I second you. With only one acceptance so far, it's really frustrated. And I feel like my confidence has been torn gradually in this waiting game. Though I still have three programs pending, I'm just hardly able to be as positive as I was when I applied.
  5. Got two rejections in 24 hours. I used to think I am a decent competitive applicant. Obviously, it's NOT the truth so far. SOOOOOOOO sad now. I know I SHOULD appreciate it since I've got at least one decent admission with generous funding. But I'm still upset since it is still the only positive result I've got this cycle. I just can't help feeling so bad about myself.
  6. @GoPackGo89 I got an email from UMich last Friday and they rejected me. Since you are still waiting, I regard it as a positive signal. Good luck!
  7. When I applied to MS two years ago, the decisions came out from early Feb till Early April. And the good ones came last. Wait and Hope!
  8. I'm losing my mind in this endless waiting game.
  9. Every week can be the toughest ever. It's Thursday night now, AGAINNNNNNN.
  10. The rejection letter from UCLA was sent to me 1:57 AM EST today. I am still shocked and hope I am still in a way-too-true nightmare.
  11. BIG CONGRATS!! So, what program did you apply to? Cuz I'm also waiting for Berkeley, though they told me to expect the result from mid-Feb to early-March.
  12. I second it. I think the possible mentors, as well as the culture (or atmosphere) of their labs, is really important when making your decision. To get an idea about his kind of things, I strongly recommend to visit both programs and talk with faculty and students there.
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