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  1. Oh, neat! I haven't gotten the offer in writing yet, but yes - EPS. About 91% sure I will end up there now. What's giving you pause on your decision, if I may ask?
  2. My POI at Berkeley just let me know that I'm being recommended for admission to their program. Currently freaking out.
  3. I've only heard from one of my three so far, and that was for a campus visit. No decisions either way yet. Given that batches of acceptances for just PhDs can come out at different times, I wouldn't be surprised if notifications for both programs came out in a bit of a hodgepodge.
  4. I had a negative experience with my undergrad institution during a period of poor mental health, and those health issues are ongoing. Despite efforts to normalize mental illness, college campuses also have a long way to go. I wouldn't recommend this necessarily for anyone in a similar position, but in my applications to grad schools this year I wrote about how my illness has affected my studies and my secondary career goals - namely, that it encourages me to respect the mental/physical health of my peers/coworkers/etc. and be an advocate for the ethical treatment of mental health issues in the academic environment. It was important to me to be up front about my health, and will be important (if I get in... no acceptances yet) that my advisor understands my illness will occasionally affect how I can approach graduate study. This gamble didn't sink me; I've been invited for a visit to one of my top choices. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with med school - like you said, the depression and burnout rates among med students are terrifying so you'd think they might take a different view on this subject - but if your mental health is managed now, there shouldn't be any rational justification to reject you based on that outright, even if someone does manage to dig up that blog post again. It might qualify as discrimination. More directly to your question, I've heard about a few high profile cases for undergrad admissions offers being rescinded because of content posted on social media (drugs or highly offensive material). It can and does happen, but I guess from your description of the content, I would be incredibly surprised if it would even come up as a factor in a decision. But I'm not on an admissions committee so I can't say I have any authority to back that statement up. Best of luck to you.
  5. One of my favorite relaxing time-wasters is Myoats. You can create neat designs around points of symmetry.
  6. Carefully. In all seriousness, congrats on the early responses!
  7. I just got through reading that thread. She definitely has a point, but I can echo the concerns others brought up about vague prompts and underprepared applicants who aren't lucky enough to receive instruction in how to write the essays. This tickled me for its brevity.
  8. I'm applying to Utah also, for geophysics. Good luck!
  9. I'm taking up crosswords. My university has a long winter term, so until the spring semester starts up (almost February), I need to keep myself distracted somehow...
  10. My undergrad institution has an introductory neuroscience course that I really regret not finding the time to take. Brains are just too neat.
  11. None of the programs I've applied to have started contacting prospective students (one application deadline was only today, anyway) but I'm expecting to hear from one school before the end of the month. [internal screaming] Nooo I don't even want to think about that.
  12. Huzzah! I'm still waiting for my final recommender to submit for my last (yay) application, same due date. He's hit every other deadline, so I'm not too worried. That's a lie. I'm incredibly worried anyway.
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