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  1. Hey! So I am in the process of applying to graduate school in the fall for marine biogeochemistry (chemical/biological oceanography). I had a TERRIBLE semester in my last semester of college (Dec 2017) where my GPA went from a 3.45 (3.58 with my AS degree GPA incorporated) to a 3.16 (not including my AS degree GPA). I got 3 D's (when I am a straight A/B student) mainly because I had a major death in the family, I was overwhelmed, and had a TON of serious mental stuff going on (depression, anxiety). I am SUPER stressed out about my applications at this point and don't really know what to do about it. I retook one of the classes and got a B but the other two were incompletes that my professors kind of screwed me over with. One of the professors is working with me to fix the D to a higher grade but still... I am STRESSED and I don't know what to do about this since I already graduated. I have a ton of theoretical (aka modeling) research experience in my UG, took a gap year to travel to Thailand for research in my field where I created and implemented the methodology within my lab group, and I am going to start research in a lab this summer working DIRECTLY in my field (ocean acidification research). I have STRONG, super strong, LORs and I am going to retake the GRE this summer (because I took it that semester and while my scores are average, I know I can do better).
  2. My POI is Keith Moore, he's a Biogeochemical Oceanographer! Nervous I haven't heard back yet! Also saw you are waiting on UW and SAME so looks like we are both in the same boat?
  3. anyone hear back from IGPMS at UCSB or ESS at UCI? I feel like (personally) I have a SUPER good shot at getting into UCSB, as I had a great interview before applying with my POI and I had been contacted multiple times by the department (in a positive way)... but I heard they haven't sent out anything yet to anyone SO I'm curious if anyone has heard back because I am going CRAZY waiting and don't know what to do lol
  4. Rejection from UCSB: California is on fire anyway
  5. @abnormalcluster I definitely intend on a career in CA (or west coast since I applied to west coast schools) simply because I study oceanography AND I am way more interested in Pacific Ocean dynamics/ecosystems than the east coast. BUT that is simply me
  6. Seeing as though you reached out, I am questioning if I personally should reach out to my PI. She Facetimed me before I even applied for a long time, and told me at the end that I was everything she was looking for in a grad student. Haven't reached out since she sent me funding info, but nervous as I don't know what to say (the school does not conduct interviews). Any insight is lovely from you guys
  7. still waiting to hear back from UCSB and UCI!!!! Getting so damn anxious... but hoping that since I haven't gotten rejected yet it's a good sign?
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