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Should I stay or should I go (abroad)


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So I've been admitted into two pretty excellent programs with good funding and exciting faculty. I'm finished up my MA in department A in Canada, while department B is in New York. I thought I'd figured it out after a trip to NYC where I found the city to be exciting, but perhaps a touch abrasive, and the prospect of an international move really spooked me. Now I just found out that I've been offered a Fulbright, which might make New York/the move a little easier. (Inter)national grads- I need your help. What are the costs/rewards with moving abroad? Is the prestige of the Fulbright something to take into serious consideration?

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Take the Fulbright! I went overseas to Germany with Fulbright last year, and I haven't regretted it ;) Especially if you're feeling daunted by an international move, Fulbright offers you a great support network to fall back on, and is always there for you if you have any questions. The rewards far outweigh the costs, and since you won't even be going across an ocean or dealing with a language barrier, I'm sure you won't have too many problems. 


Fulbright is also quite prestigious and is a great thing to have on your resume, which goes without saying. Of course, it also depends on the ranking of the institution where you'll be studying, but generally a Fulbright grant is a great thing to have.

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