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Should I email the POI? PLEASE HELP!


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I have been in contact with a professor who seems very interested in my case and has told me many times that he would support my application. The last time I emailed him was when my application got released to the department for review (about 3 weeks ago). I told him about this update and he told me he was sure that everything was going to be fine, and that he would contact me when my application became available on the computer system.


I contacted the department today and was told that my application is currently available for all faculty members to review, and that a faculty member must tell them if he/she wants to take me as a graduate student, so they would admit me.


However, I have not heard back from the POI. Do you think it would be a good idea to email him? And if so, what exactly should I say?


I don't want to lose this one. It's my last chance :(

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Is this a Canadian school or an American one? The reason I ask is because of the April 15 deadline in the US which doesn't apply to Canadian schools. If It's an American school, though, I'd definitely contact them because the deadline to respond is tomorrow!

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If you have a deadline on one of your offers coming up, that would be a good excuse to follow up, remind him of your interest in the program and inquire about when offers will be sent out. Best of luck!      

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