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I recently was accepted to Chico State, but can't really find that much information about the program… their website doesn't really state what clinical placements I am guaranteed or what type of populations I would have the opportunity to work with. Does anyone know anything about their program? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! 

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All I have about the program is anecdotal evidence that since Chico is in a ruralish area (about an hour or so north of Sacramento), placements et al are harder to find than in SF, SJ, or Sac. I can't officially back this up though...

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Hi I know this is a really late reply but just in case someone is searching I wanted to provide some information. I attended Chico for undergrad and grad school. You are guaranteed placements however you may not get the placement you want. Everyone is given 1-2 clients each semester for your first year through the university clinic (at least one child and one adult). Summer session is optional to do an internship (very limited options and you probably will need to set up yourself: I set one up for a private practice in the Bay Area). For Fall and Spring of your second year you will have at least 1 school placement and 1 medical placement (e.g. hospital, private practice, snf etc). Also, since you are guaranteed placements you may have to travel for your placement which could be an hour away so you will need a car (many people had an internship in Redding, Oroville, Paradise, Orland, Hamilton City, etc). For your internship placements students are sent on interviews and the supervisor at that location selects which students they want. So for my second year I was at a special education preschool in Chico and inpatient/outpatient hospital in Paradise. Hope that helps.

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