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Giving GRE for the first time


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Hey guys.. I'm giving GRE in two months time.. Its my first time so i am a little lost.. What are the colleges i should apply for chemical engineering? How much score do i need for that?

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We can't tell you which grad schools to apply for. There are tons and it comes down to your preferences in research, location, size of school, etc. You need to look at each school individually that looks like a possibly and read all of the faculty research and see if anything fits with your interests. Yes, this will take hours upon hours but it is what we are all doing.


If you are not a native english speaker then anything above a 150 on the verbal is probably fine. For chemical engineering, you want to shoot for above 160 on quantitative at minimum and preferably better than 165.

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GRE is not an  easy exam especially if you are aiming for good colleges. You should prepare well, practice as many mock test as you can. I am also preparing for my GRE exam and let see how is goes. One tip which I can give you is, in case you are a smart phone user - download GRE exam app from playstore. Their are many providers Gradestack, Magoosh etc. This will help you prepare for the GRE whenever you get some free time during the day. While you are travelling, during your break anytime. I am using Gradestack GRE exam prep app which has close to 3500 vocalubary flashcard, 1000 + test questions and study notes to prepare from and trust me it is coming very handy. You can also try to use it and see how it works for you. Apart from this you can also get online resouirces available on internet.


Wish you all the best for the exam.

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