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Does this go on a CV?

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Hey everyone,


I'm planning on writing a white paper for an internship. Is this something that can go under the non-peer reviewed section of my CV? The topic is as relavant to my studies as can be(higher ed).


Just thought I'd ask here. I'm not too well versed in writing white papers/professional reports.

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Yes, I think this is something you could include on your CV if you want to and feel proud of it/think that it deserves to be there. Ideally, written work listed in a CV should be accessible by the people reading it so probably best if you can link to the paper if it's put online somewhere. Another way you can judge whether you want it on a CV is whether you would feel proud to describe your work in an interview or something similar.


In my field, some students do put technical reports that they have written for internal use (i.e. their research groups) on their CVs. They might put something like this in "non peer-reviewed work" or just as an item under the job listing where they did this work. 


I think something like this is good to have at the beginning if you don't have any peer reviewed work to show. But if you have a paper or two, having an extra white paper on your CV isn't going to do much more--you already proven your ability to produce academic written work. I would say that this kind of item is something you would want to slowly phase out of your CV.


Of course, all this depends on the impact of your work too. Most of the above assumes low impact white papers / reports meant for your group only. If you are working for a large organization that will use your work to inform high level decisions, then I'd say it's a big deal and to definitely include it / keep it around.

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Additionally, many schools' applications will have a space available to upload misc. supporting documents. Creating a document describing relevant non-peer review work can be referred to in your CV/SOP as "see Relevant Coursework.doc" or something similar; this can be a clean way to get information out there that might look misplaced on a CV. I agree with TakeruK that you shouldn't really post papers on a CV that aren't accessible to the readers.

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Thanks guys, looks like I'll have another publication under my belt before graduation! :D


I'd definitely want people to know I wrote this, that's why I asked.

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