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When were your loans disbursed?


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Just wondering the time between when the loan was disbursed and when you received a refund check. I know for first time loan people there is a 30 day delay, does anyone have experience with that? I just want to make sure I have enough to pay for everything that the first 3 months entails. I know I can request a $1,000.00 refund advance and I can take put Grad Plus loans if need be but I want to try to balance everything first before I take any addition monies.


Also did you pay the interest during the year?? Or just let it accrue until after graduation? 


(If anyone knows a lot about Financial Aide, I have a few personal questions maybe you could PM me?? I would really really appreciate it)

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Guest Gnome Chomsky

Financial aid disbursements are handled by the school. Every school is different. My undergrad gave them out in the 3rd week of the semester. My grad school gives them out a few days before the semester. All schools offer a short term advance. Prices usually vary. 

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