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Transferring graduate schools

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So, I have been accepted to two of my top choice schools. My number 1 school does not offer any funding, and my #2 school, I have realized may not be as adequate as I first thought. However, I may have funding. I have decided to accept to attend my second choice school. But now, I am thinking of doing my first year of masters, then possibly transfer to either my first choice, or apply to other schools. What do you guys think? is that a bad idea? and how should I go about it?

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If I apply to  other universities, and get accepted with other fundings. or if fundings becomes available in my first choice school, should I then switch? or?

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I don't think it's that simple.  If you accept an offer to a PhD. program, you are making a 3-5 year commitment depending on your program and background.  I've only ever heard of one person starting a PhD. program, leaving, and then beginning another one.  (I'm sure many more have, but I'm also sure it's a headache.)  For one, it's not like an undergraduate transfer.  You are literally going to have to reapply to new programs.  Somewhere along the line, you are going to have to explain why after such a short amount of time you are already leaving a program.  This may make you look flighty.  Hopefully, you remain in contact with your original recommenders because I can't imagine someone writing you a strong letter of recommendation if you leave their program after one year. 


If you aren't serious about the offer and program you have already accepted, I would consider not attending and saving yourself and the program a lot of time and wasted energy. 

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