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Help Rank Unranked Programs

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I would like to go for an MS in Statistics. As I am unable to relocate, I am only considering schools within reasonable driving distance of NYC. These are the schools that I've turned up so far:






Montclair State

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Stevens Institute

Stony Brook


With the exceptions of Columbia and Rutgers, none of the other programs are ranked in statistics. Can anyone tell me how they compare to one another? 


Thank you.

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If programs are unranked, it usually means there just aren't enough data to make a reasonable comparison. So, it's going to be tough to rank them.


I thought it was more that US News isn't going to bother ranking all the small programs out there because there are hundreds of them. I don't need precise rankings as much as gut reactions-that one's a great school, avoid this one like the plague, etc.

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If you are planning to get a terminal MS, it seems to me that the most important factor is whether you will be able to get a good job after graduation. So I would suggest finding out from each program information on placement rate, average starting salary, companies graduates tend to end up working for, etc. Who cares if the program isn't ranked if its location is right for you and it will put you in a position to get the job that you want. Good luck!

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I can't really attest to any of those schools, but my undergraduate institution in Chicago offers an MS in Applied Statistics and the students are often partially funded with teaching responsibilities. One was particularly successful, getting a job at Discover Financial Services. I guess the bottom line is that a potential advantage to applying to non-PhD-awarding terminal masters programs is the opportunity to be funded and get a decent job, but I suppose you will be competing with those who went to Harvard, Berkeley, etc.

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