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First, there is another thread on environmental policy that might help you out. Secondly this website might give you a broad idea of what to look for:


Third, personally I applied to some top env policy schools along with some "unranked" ones as well, because they specifically fit with my research interests. I would suggest that you look for programs that are a good fit with your interests, rather than their arbitrary ranking. For instance, I applied to the University of Rhode Island for their marine affairs program. Its not ranked anywhere, and URI is not a top university, but it would have been a good fit for me I had chosen to go there.

You might look into the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara, they are quite strong in the combination of econ and environmental policy.

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CU-Denver School of Public Affairs (NOT University of Denver Korbel School entirely different and has an IR/security focus). Very decent enviro focus (along with social and criminal policy) at a mid-level school that's fairly inexpensive and whose name carries it as far or further than it should, if you know what I mean.

After that, look into UI-Chicago for good enviro and urban planning focus at a mid-level school. But in your situation I'd do CU-Denver.

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Hey Gradschoolseeker, CMU's Heinz School has a MPP with an environmental track. I don't know if any schools are specifically focused on environmental policy, but I have seen MPA/MPP programs with "environmental tracks." Also I'm not sure but you might be able to find schools with a "Social and/or Domestic Policy Track" with a focus in environmental policy. Also you can look over the USNEWS rankings not just to see where schools rank but to see what schools/programs are out there.

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