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Received acceptance email from POI - how do i respond???

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one of the professors i'm interested in working with sent me an email this morning informing me that I'd been accepted into their linguistics program and all of the official paperwork from the department and graduate college would follow.  


how do i respond to her email? i'm waiting on a funding offer from another school and i haven't heard anything from this school yet, so i'm far from making a decision. 


basically i want to thank her for admitting me into the program without sounding like i'm making my decision in the email.  any thoughts?

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Why not respond by saying what you just said above? Thank her for the offer and let her know that you are interested in (or looking forward to) learning more details about the offer.

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This happened to me during my application process.  I sent an email saying:


Dear Dr. XXX,

Thank you for this exciting news! XXX is one of my top choice programs (note: you may want to add for what reasons.  I didn't because I had made it clear in a thank you email that I had sent previously) and I look forward to receiving an official offer in the near future.
Thank you, again!
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