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English PhD's in the U.S. with Folklore or Pop Culture Focus

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Following up on advice from a poster in my other thread:


I've identified Ohio State as having a strong English/folklore program, and Syracuse as having strong faculty interest in film, television, and popular culture. SUNY Albany seems to reference pop culture, creative writing, and film on their (very high-falutin'-ly written) PhD info page as well.


Any other info on programs with these concentrations or emphases?

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If you're thinking OSU for folklore, you're thinking of Ray Cashman--I had the pleasure of traveling England with him three years ago. Incredible, incredible person and scholar. I can't say enough nice things about him.

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U Missouri in Columbia does a fair amount of stuff with folklore, or so says a friend of mine who is doing her PHD there.  They're definitely worth checking out.


Also I *believe* William Maxwell and Anca Parvulescu at WashU do a lot of work on pop/modern culture.

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