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【Need Help】Any possibility on this Biostats application? UMD MPP grad applying for PhD in Biostats

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After some serious consideration and discussion with my family and fiancee, I've decided to apply for the PhD program in Biostatistics in 2015 Fall after my graduation from current MPP program. I'm pretty anxious because I don't have an "officially" undergrad degree that is related to mathematics or statistics, even though I really have some experience in doing project in statistics and quantitative analysis. Here's my background.


Education Background:

Undergrad: Public Administration, GPA 3.73                                  @China

Grad:          Public Policy Analysis (First year finished), GPA 3.72 (top 10%) @University of Maryland, College Park


GRE V:157 Q:170


Related Coursework:

Undergrad: Mathematics (Probability and Linear Algebra)

                   Statistics      (Statistics and the Application of SPSS)


Grad:          Statistics

                   Advanced Statistics (Econometrics (with tons of stat stuff) and the Application of SAS)

                   Decision Analysis (Using quantitative methods to solve the environmental/energy issues, we use Palisade @Risk)

                   Other Economics Courses


Related Working Experience:

Undergrad:  Led a group project using SPSS doing quantitative analysis on the local economic development;


Grad:          1.Teaching Assistant for PUAF 610, Quantitative Aspects of Public Policy, it turned out that this was a stats                                  course;

                   2.Group Projects on the course of Decision Analysis, using quantitative methods and software (Palisade @Risk)                          to mitigate environmental hazards and improve energy efficiency;

                   3.Econometrics projects using SAS to measure the relationship between the economic development of                                          specific cities and other factors by using multivariable regression.


Awards:  Graduate Assistantship for 2 years in Grad School


MY QUESTION IS: Do I, with such background, have the possibility to get a PhD Offer? What would be the appropriate strategy when applying for the programs?


Thank you guys!

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Have you taken multivariable calculus? If not, I think that your chances would be unlikely. Also, you need some exposure to a proof-based class like real analysis.

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